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Our library content will eliminate the effort, time and money spent on designing from scratch. No need to reinvent the wheel

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Targeted Capability Development

Connect data & design career paths, develop actionable L&D plans, and assess skills based on well-written skills libraries

Popular Features

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Our library content will eliminate the effort, time and money spent on designing from scratch. No need to reinvent the wheel

Popular Features

* Minimum annual contract is £6,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laudah right for my company?

Laudah is the no-code team performance enablement platform that increases top talent retention, shortens time to productivity, and lowers the cost to serve.

Laudah facilitates this by allowing teams to automate, streamline and track work processes while providing flexibility for non-recurring processes.

To bring meaning and purpose to work, Laudah enables organizations to democratize career development & mgt (traditionally reserved for HiPos only) by allowing the teams to design career growth journeys, see real-time skills gaps, and take actionable next steps in sync with work processes in a single place without extra effort from an IT or HR.

Laudah removes the guesswork from productivity, increases transparency, enhances speed, and delivers higher quality outcomes in days if not hours – instead of weeks or months with ready-to-use, customizable workflows & skills libraries.

Who is a user?

A laudah user is an individual who has a separate account and login details. Mostly, users are employees of a company.

However, a user can equally be individuals who are external to a company; such as freelancers, subject matter experts and clients. Those external to the company are charged the same way company employees are.

Is it possible to try before I buy?

Yes. With Laudah’s free, 14-day trial, you can experience the full features with no credit card required.

Alternatively, our experts can show you exactly how Laudah can enhance the performance of your team. Contact us to schedule your time.

How does Laudah pricing work?

Laudah subscription is tiered, so what you pay is determined by the number of users in your team and the plan that suits you best.

When will we be up and running?

There’s no one-size-fits-all. How long it takes depends on the size of your company and team, as well as your requirements. With our admin onboarding, it can take less than 1 day to be up and running with our “Minimum Valuable Process” framework.

How does your onboarding work?

Regardless of the plan you choose, you would have access to a 4-hour admin onboarding session. This would help the admin(s) to understand how Laudah works so that they can guide other users if need be. Also, you can opt for our extended onboarding services to have access to more onboarding support hours.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes. Let us know within the first 30 days if you aren’t happy with your account, and we will refund your most recent payment.

Can I cancel my account paid plan at any time?

Yes. With Laudah, you can always walk away. Once you cancel your account, you will no longer be billed for subsequent months or years depending on the plan you choose.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via direct transfer to our account, Stripe and Paypal

Do you offer special pricing for non-profit organizations?

For nonprofits, charities, and educational institutions, we offer a 30% discount.

How secure are my data?

SSL encryption is used to secure all communication with the server. To provide additional security for company data, the files on the server are encrypted. In addition to 24/7 monitoring and hosting, the servers are located in secure enterprise data centres.

Do you have Service-Level Agreements?

At the moment, there are no standard Service-Level Agreements. However, teams with more than 200 users can contact us for such.

Are there discounts available?

Yes. You will get a discount for two months when you choose the yearly payment option.

Can I get a demo of Laudah?
How do you offer support?

There’s a lot of helpful support articles and videos that are available in our Help Centre. Please feel free to contact our dedicated customer support team if you need any assistance. You can chat with them online, send them an email or call them.

I have other questions! Who can help me?

We would be glad to help you if you have any questions about Laudah or the sign-up process. We look forward to hearing from you!

We understand and share some of your concerns

Discover why you don't have to worry

"Seems too expensive"
Maybe it does on the surface, if you are only considering the cost without the numerous benefits.

But let’s face it; Laudah combines the power of Business Process Management (BPM), Career Management, Learning and Development management, Competency/Skills Framework Management, Project Management, Time Tracking, etc. all at the cost of coffee.
"Change is Hard"
We’re well aware of how hard it is to implement change and make things work. The good news is that we’ve got you covered. Our implementation process is based on the principle of implementing changes incrementally to make the change itself less overwhelming.

Again, the admin onboarding session helps you familiarise yourself with Laudah while you can guide other users on how to seamlessly navigate Laudah.

Our rich support content such as users knowledgebase, frequent webinar and help centre ensure that you are never alone as you experience a new way of doing things.

And finally, it’s our customer success team’s job to ensure you get all the necessary support as you turn you team to a performance engine
"I’m afraid of losing my data"
Data is life! We run back-up every week so that you don’t ever have to worry about losing them.
"We use Ms Office, Trello or Jira/Confluence today"
These tools are great at what they are built for, and Laudah is here to replace them. Laudah brings together these tools and ensures your team is enabled to do their best work.

However, if you have content on these tools that needs migration, we would help migrate them (even manually).
"Integration with tools I already use"
Why reinvent the wheel?

Laudah helps to eliminate/reduce duplicated efforts as you are provided access to our open API.

And in the coming weeks, you would be able to connect Laudah with the tool you already use via Zapier (coming soon)
"I already use another workflow management tool, how do I migrate?"
Nothing is new! A number of workflow management tools exist. But most of them do not holistic features that provide work and people clarity such as:

  • Time Tracking
  • Resource Capacity management
  • People-Process Performance 9-Box Matrix
  • Skills Early Warning Indicators (Connected Process Workflows and Skills Frameworks)
  • In-built light-weight project task management in Process Workflow
  • Structured Process playbooks, etc.
Our implementation team will be happy to help with migration as soon as we know your existing workflow management tool and your requirements going forward.
"Does Laudah do everything?"
We don’t solve all problems - no one does! We are obsessed with ‘Team Performance Enablement' and we’re not done until managing work of the workforce in the workplace becomes insanely fun.
"How long does it take to implement (Minimum Valuable Process)"
With Laudah, you can start reaping benefits within a day.

So, we suggest you focus on the processes that are closer to value such as processes that align directly with revenue generation.

You do not need to add every detail to get started. All you need in the early stages is the most basic bare-bones foundation for the processes, sufficient for early adopters, something tangible that customers & employees can use.
"What if Laudah can’t help with my processes?"
Laudah is not document-centric nor integration centric. Laudah helps with any human-driven process you can imagine -- from Marketing to Sales, IT to HR, procurement to Finance. Think of any human-dependent process, Laudah has got you covered!
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