If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

Uncover performance-limiting competency gaps through employees self-assessment and third-party assessment & validation.

How Important is Talent Capability Analysis?

It is good practice for workforce development and growth to be based on identified competency gaps for current and future roles. Any attempt to embark on any learning and development endeavour without this will only amount to a waste of time, money and scrap learning.

How Laudah does Talent Capability Analysis

Laudah provides a scalable and predictable way to help organizations reduce their employees' level of “conscious & unconscious incompetence”, through evidenced-based skill gap analysis.
Provide employees with a view of the competencies required for their role, while each employee selects the level that best describes their competency proficiency together with pieces of evidence in STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format to justify the levels claimed. Employees can also assess themselves against competencies that are not required for their role. In the end, every employee obtains a Skill Index Score called 'Self SIS'.
Empower third parties (mostly someone who has a higher level of competence) to confirm or question an employee’s skill proficiency. Where there is a disparity between the Assessor’s and an employee’s, the Assessor can set a new score as the validated score. A 'Confirmed SIS', which is superior to 'Self SIS', is calculated.
Provide employees with a view of how their current competency levels compare with levels required for their role. The difference between a person’s current level and that required for their role represents a ‘Competency Gap’. The result is presented in terms of the competencies that ‘Meet Expectation’, ‘Don't Meet Expectation’ and ‘Others’ (competencies possessed by the employee but are not required for the current role)
Access one single metric that gives the state of your talents' capabilities. SIS is a Talent Decision Science that uses a collaborative approach involving mathematical formulae, business logics, technological applications and behavioural sciences to help senior management, line managers and employees make data-driven decisions. No longer will CEOs, Senior executives, line managers and employees ever wonder about the skills gap

Why reinvent the wheel?

Fast-track implementation, and save time and money by using our curated competency frameworks library containing 2000+ competencies spanning across 30 industries.








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