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How important are Reporting and analytics?

Data are critical to the quality of any decision made within an organisation. Talent decisions are not left out. Today’s organisations are in dire need of workforce competency data to survive in this VUCA*-inherent business enviroment.

How Laudah does Talent Reporting & Analytics

The unique view of skills capabilities delivered by Laudah ensures that everyone within the organisation can take a more transparent, systematic and informed approach to their learning and development activities. Business decisions are no longer made in isolation, or using educated guesswork, but are based upon shared, solid facts and information concerning organisations' capability.
Provide teams and the entire organization insight into who has what within your organization by matching competencies to employees who possess them at varying levels. The competency matrix helps internal mobility, faster project staffing and underpins workforce planning.
Equip your entire organization and teams with position matching capability that helps to seamlessly plan succession by finding the closest match to critical roles and identifying the highest potential talent in the organization, enabling talent mobility.
Aggregate the built-in learning completion survey data and supporting recommendations on how well training providers are performing; allowing you to reward good performance and avoid below-par performance.
Enhance competency data visibility through access to details such as 'SIS scores at individual, departmental and organisational levels', 'Overall L&D budget and cost per employees', '% of scrap learning', 'Budgetary allocation to segments of learning portfolio', 'Skills at risk', 'Position at risk', 'Training request rejection reasons', 'Employee satisfaction score', '% of intended learning application', % of learning application, etc.


Laudah is way beyond just a workforce planning tool

Check out other features of Laudah

Audit Log

Get a detailed trail of all activities that occur on Laudah, making it easy to know who did what and at what time.

Event Notification

Never miss any important event. Users have the flexibility of selecting any event they want to be notified on.

Deployment Options

Balance data security concerns and application overhead with flexible deployment options.

Integration through API

Seamlessly integrate with other applications and systems, never worry about how existing systems can work with Laudah.

SLA & Support

We see our clients as the reason for our existence. Therefore, we go all the way to meet their needs and also provide ongoing support.

GDPR Compliant

No worries about unsolicited messages, as we are compliant with EU GDPR policy on the control and processing of your personal data.


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