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How important is Process Playbook?

In today’s information economy, timely access to organizations critical information separates the losers from the winners. In most organizations, knowledge workers spend on average 9.3 hours per week, searching, gathering or rediscovering information leading to staggering cost to the organization.

How Laudah does Organizational Process Playbook

Laudah Simple Business Process Playbook with Integrated SOP and Organizational Policies helps organizations to capture hidden knowledge, deliver content at the right time, find everything in one place, improve efficiency and quality, reduce information overload, supply just-in-time information and enhance employees’ productivity and retention.
Improve your workflows by clearly defining who does what and when with Laudah swimlane board. The boards can help you communicate complex concepts, processes, and responsibilities to your entire team without having to define each in lengthy text. Laudah allows you to integrate job aids and organizational policies while you create clear process flow that lets you visualize how different people, departments, and knowledge assets interact—all in a matter of a few clicks.
Drive consistency, enhance knowledge transfer, retain information asset and empower and reward employees (with SME status) for sharing their knowledge. Use our powerful feature to Create (user-friendly editor, add videos, images, procedures, templates & sample documents); Share (peer review, peer rating, leaderboard, comment, share with specific people); and Manage (updating reminder, etc.) job aids.
Reduce risk, drive efficiencies and make your entire company more compliant. Also, considerably simplify the complexities of training, managing and communicating your organizational policies and procedures through our powerful features such as best-practice template, centralized repository, role-based access control, employee digital signature, comments from employees for improvement, etc.


Laudah is way beyond just a workforce planning tool

Check out other features of Laudah

Audit Log

Get a detailed trail of all activities that occur on Laudah, making it easy to know who did what and at what time.

Event Notification

Never miss any important event. Users have the flexibility of selecting any event they want to be notified on.

Deployment Options

Balance data security concerns and application overhead with flexible deployment options.

Integration through API

Seamlessly integrate with other applications and systems, never worry about how existing systems can work with Laudah.

SLA & Support

We see our clients as the reason for our existence. Therefore, we go all the way to meet their needs and also provide ongoing support.

GDPR Compliant

No worries about unsolicited messages, as we are compliant with EU GDPR policy on the control and processing of your personal data.


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