Don't leave people guessing what 'good' means!

Provide structure and focus by using the same language and vocabulary for understanding the capability of the workforce.

What are competencies?

Competencies are the foundation of talent management. Competencies provide a common definition of the knowledge, skills and abilities that can be used to support and integrate talent management applications in your organisation.

Comprehensive Competency Management Solution

The best in class organizations define the core skills & competencies needed to win. Laudah Platform is built to enable organizations of any size to reduce inherent the VUCA* in talent management through competency definition.
VUCA*: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity
Define, create and update competency frameworks required for success in your organization, with languages your employees can relate to.
Import hundreds of existing skill, knowledge and ability contents from excel spreadsheet instead of creating them one-by-one.
Define interview aids, coaching aids, linked BABEs*, internal subject matter experts and external training providers for each competency.
Enable your experts to seamlessly curate competency-specific contents and automatically curate video from Youtube.
Use multiple frameworks and multi-level calibration seamlessly including values-based, core, leadership, technical and functional competencies.
Gain access to 2000+ competencies library, spanning across 30 industries, that are fully calibrated in terms of levels with associated 'skills description', 'knowledge' and 'abilities'.
BABEs*: Books, Articles, Blogs and Examinations

Why reinvent the wheel?

Fast-track implementation, and save time and money by using our curated competency frameworks library containing 2000+ competencies spanning across 30 industries.








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Get a detailed trail of all activities that occur on Laudah, making it easy to know who did what and at what time.

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Deployment Options

Balance data security concerns and application overhead with flexible deployment options.

Integration through API

Seamlessly integrate with other applications and systems, never worry about how existing systems can work with Laudah.

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