About Laudah

At Laudah, we are on a mission to transform Human Capital into a competitive advantage by providing clarity in People, Processes and Performance.

What is

Laudah is a data-driven talent experience platform that removes the guesswork from human capital decisions.

Laudah brings employees, managers, L&D, HR and business leaders together through smarter, consistent and predictable human capital decision science algorithm that combines the power of competency framework, big-data analytics, human insight and behaviour to provide the effective foundation for talent management activities such as planning, hiring, onboarding, development, engagement and succession.

Laudah equally provides a series of strategies, policies, processes and tools that enable optimal human capital development and deployment.

Founded in 2019 based on 10-year training passion, experience and research to see organizations and individuals make better talent decisions.

Laudah is headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom with an additional office in Lagos, Nigeria.


We believe clarity means result!

We ask questions. We get things done. We bring people together. We adapt fast. We are passionate. We are ethical and professional. We are deliberate. We are disrespectful to the status quo. We are daring. We are unique. We are at the forefront of human capital development. We are LAUDAH!


We challenge great causes and companies to be clear about human capital decisions.
We exist to bring clarity to talent experience activities because ‘clarity’ means great employee experience!

We address each client’s needs with a level of support specifically tailored to their requirements.


Our most experienced consultants will work with you to tackle the particular talent management challenges you face. Whatever you need, we have an expert in our African and European business who can help.


We provide a series of strategies, policies, processes and tools that enable optimal human capital decision, development and deployment in a cost-efficient and timely manner.


Our innovative tools have been designed to tackle specific talent management challenges and reduce the need for ongoing consulting support.

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