Career Progression is crucial for Retention

Finally, an Expertise & Career Agility platform that’s both powerful and easy to use for managers & employees. Put your employees in the driver seats of their careers through clarity, fairness & structure.

What is Laudah?

Laudah is an integrated Expertise and Career Agility (ECA) solution that facilitates career development & growth for better retention, engagement & productivity of your workforce.

With our platform, your people are seamlessly connected to competency data and can easily design their career paths, create actionable individual development plans, and continuously assess their skills.

We also support you through individual or group training and coaching programs. Our upskilling and coaching programs are flexible, easy to access, non-time-consuming and constantly measure the behavioural change of your workforce.

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Our library content will eliminate the effort, time and money spent on designing from scratch. No need to reinvent the wheel

Popular Features

Career Progression

Connect data & design career paths, develop actionable L&D plans, and assess skills based on well-written skills libraries

Popular Features


Flexible, easy to access, non-time-consuming and constantly measuring the behavioural change of your workforce

Popular Features

Build powerful frameworks in minutes

Whether you’re content-ready or starting from scratch, we’ll have you up and running in no time with over 5,000 high quality Power Skills, PPM, Agile competencies development accelerators (knowledge, ability, coaching aids, books, courses, videos, articles, etc).

Featured Frameworks

Power Skills

By Laudah. 10 Skills. 1300 Accelerators

Power skills are the behaviours that enable people to succeed. Power skills set you apart in your current and future career.

PPM Competencies

By Laudah. 23 Skills. 5000 Accelerators

Competences required for effective project, programme, portfolio management and project management office (PMO).

Agile Competencies

By Laudah. 9 Skills. 400 Accelerators

Competencies required to work in Agile environment as team member, team leader, project manager, product owner and product manager.

The Career Progression Platform Your Whole Workforce Will Love

What if we can put all your employees in the driver seats of their own careers?

Clarify roles & responsibilities

Make sure everyone knows what is expected of each positions and level.

Measure skills & identify gaps

Self-assessment, 3rd party confirmation, feedback and peer review. Continuous and formal assessment capability. Skills Index Score (SIS).

Close skills gaps & measure business impact

Leverage skills accelerators to create individual development plans. Evaluate learning effectiveness and business impact in objective way

Train & onboard new members based on your playbook

Onboarding, training, process docs, SOPs — all the knowledge people need in one easy app superpowered with conditional logic, approvals, variables, dynamic due dates, time tracking, and many more.

Put employees in driver’s seat of their careers

Help employees discover the world of career possibilities that exist across your company. Provide personalized career paths based on their goals, experiences, and interests. Chart a path to any role, and map out the steps and skill gaps to support employees to reach their goals.

Fill roles faster with qualified talent

Identify individuals based on skills, roles, teams and learning, analyze matching candidates

Experience Laudah Measurable Effect

Apart from the unquantifiable benefits such as better social & team learning to drive culture and better engagement with employees; specifically you can expect to experience the following measurable improvement


By facilitating improved employee engagement, skill-building and career development, Laudah leads to better employee retention. The costs of attrition (separation, replacement & training) can be up to 2x employee salary in some cases apart from the productivity loss


Laudah enables organizations to provide new hires or people new to roles a more consistent onboarding process, centred around an easy to navigate Laudah workflows – facilitating less reliant on live trainings or managers and colleagues having enough time to guide new employees.

Improved Upskilling
Cost Reduction

Laudah provides a single gateway into learning pathways that are well-structured and easy to navigate, and Laudah Action Planning tools allow employees to quickly find the most relevant learning.

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I like the fact that the platform is rich and has the option to chart a career path.

This will really help in career progression as Employees are made aware of the skills sets applicable for the needed next career move. Also, with the skills assessment, it provides a view of your skills gap, this helps you to deliberately work towards closing them and positioning you for success with future endeavours.

Corporate User


It is very robust. The competencies are well described with practical elements.

I like its flexibility and the fact that it allows the user to identify competency gaps and also create career paths. The skills preloaded captured extensively the competency required for my function. Incorporation of Job profiles on the platform is a good idea as it enables Employees to see an end to end what is required for the desired role.

Corporate User


Incorporation of Job profiles on the platform is a good idea

When I first started my career, I wanted to understand how to deliver a project on time, within scope and on budget. The more that I learned about project management and the more I developed my skills, the more I realized that the impact you can have when you combine both those technical and business skills with power skills is much broader.

Corporate User

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If you are new to process management and career advancement, we have a few basics tips to get you started. Feel free to contact us for details on any of the knowledge areas.

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